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KSG Investigative Consulting.

Solutions and Services

  • Business Intelligence, Competitive Intelligence Economic Espionage, Corporate Espionage, Due Dilligence, Investigations, Fraud Prevention & Investigation, International Risk Analyses
  • Crisis Management Planning, Crisis Management Training, Business Continuity & Recovery Emergency, Response Travel Security, Hacking Defense, Crime Prevention, International Investigations and Surveillance
  • Detection of a Hacking Offender, Background Checks, Communication Surveillance, International Tracking, International Forensic Asset Investigation (FAI), International Account Movement Profiles (IAMP)
  • Information & Know How Protection Economic & Corporate Espionage Protection, Product & Brand Integrity, Anti-Counterfeiting Investigations
  • Political & Commercial Risk Assessments, Risk Litigation Strategies, Strategic Security Concepts Dispute, Analysis & Conflict Resolution, Negotiation Management

Our specialities:

Information from the fields of our criminal laboratory and technology greatly facilitates the solving of crimes and subsequent presentation of evidence, or even makes this possible in the first place. By making use of scientific research results and modern equipment, it is possible to locate and analyze physical evidence which, as objective evidence.

We are working closely with Germany’s State Criminal Offices, which carry out their own research and development projects, as well as with forensic institutions in other countries.

Analysis reports are prepared and, if required, presented in court by staff who work in twenty different areas of forensics e.g. central physics and chemistry laboratory, ballistics, DNA analysis, document analysis, forgery prevention, speaker identification, handwriting analysis. In certain cases, expert opinions are also prepared for police services throughout the world.

  • Crime scene reconstruction
  • Bloodstain pabern analysis
  • Bullet path analysis
  • Firing distance determination
  • Firearms & tool mark examinations
  • Firearm mechanism examination (function of firearms)
  • Cartridge case ejection paberns
  • Firearms serial number restoration
  • Comparison of bullets, cartridge cases, and tool marks
  • DUI Report Consultation
  • Gun Shot Residue Report Consultation
  • Evidence Examination for Biological Material
  • State of the Art DNA Typing
  • Evidence Screening / Serology
  • Autosomal STR Analysis Using Investigator
  • 24plex and Identifiler
  • Y-STR Analysis
  • Amylase Diffusion
  • p30 Protein Testing
  • DNA Profile Interpretation Using STRmix
  • Genotyping Sogware
  • High Level Elekronik Surveillance Products
  • ID Detection Sogware
  • Enhanced Security Performance Techology
  • Dragnet Sytems
  • Criminalistic Laboratory
  • Anti Hacking Modules Technology

Our Graphologist will employ the use of what is called an ESDA test: Electrostatic Development of Indented Writing Impressions. This test is used to bring to the fore evidence on paper that is not visible to the naked eye. For example an ESDA test can determine whether or not a document has been altered by being rewriben on top of another document or if there any fingerprints on the paperwork, which might not be visible.

  • Identification of handwriting
  • Authentication of signatures
  • Comparison of typescript
  • Investigation of altered documents
  • Forged cheques and financial documents
  • Blackmail and poison lebers
  • Disputed wills and Typewriter identification
  • Forensic Accountig
  • Restauration/Restoring of deleted or damaged
  • Hard Drives or deleted and damaged Mail Accounts

Government entities and Authorities: Germany: Ministry of Interieur, Federal Police Departement, German Army, Intelligence Service, Counterintelligence. The same for Eastern Europe.


  • Extended customer installed base in many countries.
  • Professional Background/experience/business and technical strong Capabilities.
  • High touch relationship with Key decision makers channels
  • Strong capabilities of reaching high level execuHves and government officials in the operation countries.
  • Newest High Level Technologies through an international Network


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